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Tony’s Body Shop actually began in 1965, the founders were Tony & Isabel. Hard working simple people, they taught their children good work ethics. Always working towards a quality repair was key for that was the only way they could grow the business with word of mouth.
The 2nd generation son, Jay now operates the business along with his Wife Evelyn and 3 of their children work in the business along with older sister , and the general manager is a cousin. A true family run business.
About Us

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You will often hear me say “Ask around, ask your friends, ask your neighbor, ask your mechanic, where is the best place to get your car repaired? The reputation of any business is important. For Tony’s Body Shop, a family owned and operated business, it is super important to us to take care of the customer. We do not sell cars, we only do collision repair. Having the customer come back and tell others about us, is super important. We honestly try our best to do a quality repair and stand behind our repair work. Some insurance companies may try to guide or possibly steer you to one of their discount shops by telling you they will only warranty the work if you go to one of their shops, this is not true! It is the shop that repairs your car that warranty’s the work, regardless of being a preferred shop or not. Father Tony Flores who originally started Tony’s Body Shop was once told by a man from Argentina: “Do the best job you can for the car you are repairing now, and don’t worry about when the next job is coming”. Very “old school” thinking………. But so true……… So don’t forget to “Ask Around” ….. and remember “you have the right to choose who repairs your car”, don’t be misled….or “steered” to go elsewhere….

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