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When your vehicle is damaged in a collision, an estimate is not the first thing that you should obtain. The first order of business is to determine who will pay for the damage. In most cases, your vehicle will require some disassembly of damaged parts in order for us to produce an accurate estimate of your damage. Because of this, the estimating process is affected by the needs of the paying party.

All insurance companies have different claims procedures and we will let you know the most efficient way to handle your claim. In addition, we will assist you with the claims process. You don’t need to run around wasting your time gathering estimates and claims handling.

Many times it is better to leave the car with us and have the insurance company inspect it with us; this can prevent discrepancies that may delay repairs. By the way, at Tony’s Body Shop we do provide free, computerized estimates.

Bring your insurance company claim number and the name of the contact person.  Also if you were given an Insurance estimate, bring it with you.  We will take it from there.

Of course, that depends on the extent of the damage. The larger the job, the larger the time it will take. Repairing today’s vehicles is getting more and more complex. However Tony’s Body Shop is different than most shops in that we have our own mechanic to do collision related mechanical work, we have our own tire center, do our own glass work, to minimize the time spent in the shop. By being able to do most all work in-house, we avoid the backups that plague so many other repair facilities. We will do our best to get you back into your vehicle as quick as possible.
Expect the best. Tony’s Body Shop features the closest to factory type assembly equipment possible, and technicians who are I-CAR and factory trained, all designed to restore your vehicle to the highest industry standards.
As a customer of Tony’s Body Shop, you will be treated to a courtesy ride to your home or office. We have shuttle service in our own shop van. We can take you to work or home. Should the wait for the rental agency take too long, we have no problem shuttling your straight there to minimize the wait time. In addition, if you do need a car rental we can assist you. We have negotiated special rates and pick-up procedures with Enterprise car rental for our customers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Repair Questions
Insurance Questions
Repair Questions
Yes, it is very difficult to match today’s Hi-tech finishes. At Tony’s Body Shop however, we have computerized paint mixing equipment that, together with our rigid training program, allows our technicians to perfectly match your vehicle’s paint.
Since Tony’s Body Shop bakes your vehicle’s finish, it may be washed right away. We do, however, ask that you wait 30 days after repairs to wax your car. You will be reminded of this when you pick up your car, as well as we review the warranty, and of course Thank You for choosing us.
Tony’s Body Shop is very concerned about the environment. All waste is recycled whenever possible. The balance is shipped with an EPA approved hauler to a redemption center that converts it to a safe fuel product. We have a 40 Yard bin to place all leftover metal into, this will get recycled. we have 2 – 6 yard cardboard containers which gets recycled, and only 1 – 6 yard container for trash. As you can see recycling is important to Tony’s Body Shop.
Insurance Questions
Most insurance policies cover scratches under their comprehensive coverage. A distinct advantage is that these claims do not necessarily affect your insurance rates for collision coverage.
Your deductible is collected by Tony’s Body Shop when you come to pick up your completed vehicle. We accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
We really can’t tell if your rates will be increased or not, since we only handle the repair of your vehicle. Your agent or insurance company should be able to tell you if your rates will change.
Your deductible is what you agreed to pay when you purchased your policy. If you are pursuing a claim under your policy, you may have a deductible. If the other party is at fault, your insurance company should try to pursue reimbursement of your deductible through that other party.
INSURED’S: If your insurance company is paying for the repairs you may have an endorsement for Loss of Use on your policy. Your insurance policy will spell out the amount of rental coverage exactly. Ask your insurance claims representative for details. CLAIMANTS: If the other party is paying for the repairs they will also reimburse you for reasonable transportation while your vehicle is in the repair facility. This should include the daily rate, daily license fee, plus tax. Insurance on your personal vehicle may extend to your rental vehicle, so we recommend that you check with your insurance company.
It means that it would not be cost effective to have the vehicle repaired due to the damages it sustained.

The insurance company has their Total Loss Specialist run a local market valuation specific to the year, make, model, condition and mileage of your vehicle. The Specialist will then contact you regarding the valuation.

This should include the vehicle replacement cost and tax and license fees. Your insurance company will also pay for any charges to your vehicle at the shop and pick up your vehicle for sale at auction to a salvage yard. They handle everything. 

The State requires an SR1 form to be filled out if there are damages or injuries over $750.00. You can obtain an SR1 from your insurance company, DMV or the internet.

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