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Ford changed its F150 truck body to all aluminum in 2015. It did this in an effort to get better gas mileage and of course to capture market share from other makes as well. Aluminum repairs need to be done in an aluminum room. Not all body shops have an aluminum room. Tony’s body shop does have a self enclosed, 3 vehicle size aluminum room. Because Tony’s already works on cars like Tesla, working on the aluminum Ford truck is normal for us. There are also other Fords that have aluminum. 

Why Select a Ford Aluminum Approved Repair Center?

It is important that a  Ford Certified Body Shop be used to repair its aluminum truck or even its electric vehicle the Mustang. Ford certified shops have access to the manufacture factory manuals and repair procedures. Ford certified collision repair shops have to go thru an audit yearly to ensure proper equipment and best practices for repairing Ford vehicles is being followed.
Tony’s Body Shop is a certified Ford collision repair shop , able to repair all Ford vehicles, as well as Ford aluminum certified to repair its aluminum vehicles. In preparation of the latest shop Ford certification audit, new training was introduced to be ready for both hybrid and full electric vehicles like the Mustang. Something as simple as replacing an aluminum bedside panel requires the bedside box be removed to access it. As part of this process the bolts that hold the bedside to the full steel frame need to be replaced, when the bed is loosened or removed. Why does Ford ask that the bedside bolts be replaced?, because the bolts have a special coating to keep the steel frame separate from the all-aluminum bed. These bolts are considered one-time use parts. If the bolts are not replaced, galvanic corrosion can occur. That is where rust begins to appear due to dissimilar metals touching each other. If galvanic corrosion occurred, it would be considered a failed repair. This is why it is important to consider a Ford Collision Center. We will look up the repair procedures which come from the manufacturer and follow them. Our goal is a proper repair and returning the crash worthiness built into a Ford vehicle from the manufacturer as it was before a collision accident. 

Ford Collision Repair Center

Each Tesla is manufactured with aluminum or a hybrid aluminium-stell body. Aluminum requires extensive training and dedicated equipment to repair properly and to Tesla manufacturer standards. In addition, Tesla has its own strict safety standards for training in aluminium welding safety standards for trainings in aluminum welding and rivet bonding.

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At Tony’s Body Shop, you receive our signature combination of best-in-class repairs complete wtih outstanding service, all backed by Tony’s Body Shop’s trusted lifetime-warranty.