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Ford Aluminum Certified body Shop & Collision Repair Center Serving all of Ventura County

Tony’s Body Shop is a Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop as well as a certified Ford collision repair center          able to repair all Ford vehicles.

Ford changed its F150 truck body to all aluminum in 2015 in order to offer better gas mileage to its customers. Aluminum repairs need to be done in an aluminum room. These are not available in all body shops. Tony’s Body Shop has a self-enclosed, 3-vehicle-size aluminum room.

Why Select a Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop?

It is important that a Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop be used to repair its aluminum trucks and electric vehicle, the Mustang, the new electric F150. Ford Aluminum Certified shops have access to the manufacture factory manuals and repair procedures. They are audited yearly to ensure proper equipment and best practices for repairing Ford vehicles. In preparation for the latest Ford certification audit, technicians at Tony’s Body Shop are continually trained for both Ford’s hybrid and full electric vehicle, the Mustang.

Our goal at Tony’s Body Shop is the proper repair of your vehicle. We work at returning your vehicle to you as it was before a collision accident.

Ford Collision Repair Center

Each Tesla is manufactured with aluminum or a hybrid aluminium-stell body. Aluminum requires extensive training and dedicated equipment to repair properly and to Tesla manufacturer standards. In addition, Tesla has its own strict safety standards for training in aluminium welding safety standards for trainings in aluminum welding and rivet bonding.

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Ford Aluminum Repair at Tony's Body Shop

At Tony’s Body Shop, you receive our signature combination of best-in-class repairs complete wtih outstanding service, all backed by Tony’s Body Shop’s trusted lifetime-warranty.