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Tony’s Body Shop in Oxnard, is recognized by Infiniti USA as a Certified Collision Repair Facility. Our goal is a simple one, to return your collision damaged vehicle back to its original crash worthiness, also known as crash star rating.  In order to accomplish this, it is important to follow manufacturer repair procedures which are made available to certified Infiniti Collision Center. Quality Infinity parts is our goal. Infinity has many standards with regards to repairing their cars. They have statements on their position with regards to things like when a bumper cover is a replacement only item, having a sonar unit underneath that needs to read through the bumper cover. A repaired bumper cover could compromise the way the safety feature operates. Infinity on some vehicles will have  “one time use” quarter panel glass, upon removing, which body shops do to sometimes perform repairs, would require replacement only on some, the only way to know is to look up the repair procedures.  These quarter panel glasses have small teeth that bite into the urethane.  These glasses are considered part of the structure of the car, should the car ever roll over, it needs to perform as intended.

Why Select a Infiniti Approved Repair Center?

A non certified shop possibly would not take the time to research if the glass was a reusable item or a one time use part. There are other position statements with regards to things like glass replacement, door mirror replacement, the use of used parts, etc. An Infiniti Certified Body Shop works diligently to follow these position statements. Returning the vehicle to its pre crash rating is the goal. Sometimes an insurance company may opt to push the cheapest part available. This mindset is one of cost savings only. This is where an Infiniti body shop needs to educate the insurance company with regards to what Infinity says it can and cannot do. There are also position statements with regards to performing a pre scan and post scan of the vehicle’s diagnostic unit. The unit that stores any past fault codes . The reason for both scans is to document any past DTC’s. Some of these codes may tell the shop that a seat belt with a pre tensioner has deployed and needs replacement. Upon completion of the repair, a post scan using only an infinity approved scan tool is done to clear any codes that may have come up during the repair process like driving the door to the paint shop with the door disassembled. The value of the final scan more importantly is to document that everything is re-connected for the customer, and is operational. These are just a few items that a Certified Infiniti collision center does to return your car back to its pre-accident, but more important to return the crash rating that the vehicle manufacturer intended. This is why it is more important to take your vehicle to a certified collision repair center.

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