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Kia Certified Body Shop & Collision Repair Center Ventura County

Kia owners should consider taking their collision damaged cars to a Kia Certified Auto Body Shop

Why do you ask ?  A Kia collision center is recognized by the Kia manufacturer as having the right tools, the proper training, to restore a Kia back to the crashworthiness it had before the accident.

Why Select a KIA Approved Repair Center?

Tony’s Body Shop in Oxnard, is a certified Kia Auto Body Shop. Tony’s goes through the yearly audit conducted by Assured Performance, an industry non profit. The audit looks for proper equipment but more importantly audits actual in process repairs to make sure repair processes are in place to repair or replace panels that keep the car’s crash star rating. A customer’s family’s safety is the most important goal in any repair. Cars are continually changing to make them safer and safer over time. In the past there was a lot of usage of mild steels. Mild steels are repairable, but as strength and weight become more and more important, the change to stronger steels known as high strength steels, or Ultra high strength steels are being introduced into cars more and more. Yesterday you may have repaired a door that was mild steel, but today it is made of high strength steel, the repairability of that matters. A certified shop knows to investigate and make appropriate repair or replace decisions. A certified Kia Body shop like Tony’s Body Shop will always push towards an original manufacturer replacement part versus an aftermarket copy part. Aftermarket copy parts have to set rules with regards to durability or crash worthiness, while the manufacturer part does. Some insurance companies push these copy parts as a way to lower what they pay for the repair, only cost is their objective. Where a shop like Tony’s Body Shop will always push towards an original replacement part for it values a customer’s families safety. This is why it is important for Kia owners as well as owners of other makes to try to find a certified collision shop. Tony’s Body Shop is a Kia certified body shop and welcomes the opportunity to help you.


Each Tesla is manufactured with aluminum or a hybrid aluminium-stell body. Aluminum requires extensive training and dedicated equipment to repair properly and to Tesla manufacturer standards. In addition, Tesla has its own strict safety standards for training in aluminium welding safety standards for trainings in aluminum welding and rivet bonding.

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KIA Repair at Tony's Body Shop

At Tony’s Body Shop, you receive our signature combination of best-in-class repairs complete wtih outstanding service, all backed by Tony’s Body Shop’s trusted lifetime-warranty.